Fonatur Presents Loreto Fest 2015

Last updated May 2, 2015 at 7 pm

Join us for a NEW Loreto Fest. Outside food venders, bay clean up, swap meet, cruiser jam sessions (bring your instruments), arts and crafts (show off your wares) or organize and sign up for a game. Rifle through your recipe books and come up with a great dish to share for our nightly pot lucks. Sorry, no volunteers needed, No live band, no pasta dinner, or pancake breakfast! Just fun for everyone. Membership is $100 pesos. We have downsized and refocused our objectives to be more cruiser friendly. Spread the word, and join us in making new friends and renewing old acquaintances. Remember, we are all here because we are not all there!

Loreto Fest Schedule:


3pm-Tent Setup


8:30 am Water Taxi arrives.

9-11am Coffee $5 pesos and FREE to HPYC Members (please show your card).

9:30 am Demonstration “Drilling shells to make jewelry” Mary on s/v “Air Ops”.

10-5pm Games and Lectures (to be announced on VHF channel 22).

11 am Lecture “Fishing on a cruiser” Dan on s/v “Dazzler”.

11-5pm Hamburgers, Hot Dogs, Tacos and Sushi in the Food Court (Next to Carole’s Mini Mart).

9-5pm the Ladies of Luigi  will be selling Tamales, Empenadas and Cerviche.

1 pm Dog Races (Heats for the final)

2 pm Seminar “Bashing up the Coast”

5 pm Pot Luck in the Food Tent. Please Bring a dish to share with 10-15 people. Also bring your own plates and utensils (paper plates available to HPYC members).

5-9 pm Loreto Fest Juke Box and OPEN MIC. Please sign up at the music tent

6:30pm 50/50 Raffle

7 pm Water Taxi leaves for the night.


8:30 am Water Taxi arrives.

9am-12pm Swap Meet and Open Market (ALONG the street in Marina Fonatur’s parking lot-on both sides of the street from the guard shack to the Ellipse. Please do NOT block the street).

9am-11:30am Coffee at the Swap Meet. Free to HPYC Members

9-5pm the Ladies of Luigi  will be selling Tamales, Empenadas and Cerviche.

11-5pm Hamburgers, Hot Dogs, Tacos and Sushi in the Food Court (Next to Carole’s Mini Mart).

12-5pm Games and Lectures (to be announced)

1 pm Dog Races Final

4:30 pm Salsa Contest in the Food Tent

5 pm Pot Luck in the Food Tent. Please Bring a dish to share with 10-15 people. Also bring your own plates and utensils (paper plates available to HPYC members).

5-9 pm Loreto Fest Juke Box and OPEN MIC

6:30pm 50/50 Raffle

7 pm Water Taxi leaves.

Contact Diana s/v “At last” or to add your event to the schedule.


Loreto Fest has a new face, it is less complicated and more focused on the cruising community.  So, no live bands, no dancing girls and no spaghetti dinner, or pancake breakfast.  Our volunteers are exhausted from last year! So, if you play an instrument, or sing,  a sound system will be made available to you. Do you make jewelry, paint, or other arts and crafts? Bring them along and share them with us. There is a vast circle of knowledge out there, share yours with us and sign up for a lecture. We will supply the tents, tables and chairs you supply the talent. Sign up chalk boards will be setup at several tent locations.

BAY CLEANUP: Bay cleanup has been the starter of Loreto Fest 19 years ago. This year we are going to do it both days. Please bring a large trash bag and fill it with debris. The collection site is on the gravel (where the old dinghy dock wood ladder used to be on the West side of the Ellipse) for Fonatur to pickup.  If you don’t have a trash bag, you can get ONE at the Membership table.


  •  OPEN MIC-if you play an instrument , sing,  tell stories, or jokes, SIGNUP at the music tent for 1/2 increments (Provide name, time and tell us what you are going to do.
  • Loreto Fest Juke Box, pay ten pesos for your choice of music genre provided by XM Radio for 1/2 hour. Signup at the music tent (Provide time, name and music genre).

GAMES: Well if you want to play, bring your dominos, cards, etc and sign up on the chalkboard outside the games tent. A signup,  for example. Dominos @2 pm, Tent # , your name and max/min number of players needed. We have a Bocce set and possibly horseshoes to use.

DOG RACES: Pep up the pouch. Dog races (chase the ball) for all dog kinds and sizes. Several heats during the day, Fri and Sat. Time to be announced with the final race on Saturday at 1pm. Side betting is expected!  Tip: the border collie, Doce, backs off when her sister Maggie Mae runs. Should be fun.

POT-LUCK: Each night we will will have a pot-luck dinner! Search through your recipe books and bring enough to share with 10-15 of your best friends and some of your new friends and your own utensils. Pot-lucks will be held at 5 pm in the food tent. Free paper plates to HPYC members.

FOOD: Breakfast and lunch will be provided by outside vendors. They will include hamburgers, hot dogs, tacos, sushi, kettle popcorn, empanadas, burritos and tamales. Beverages will be provided by Carole’s Mini Mart (beer, wine, sodas and water-sorry no mixed drinks  because of  liquor license restrictions.). If you want mixed drinks, the new restaurant, Ibo, will have a tent setup at the Fest.  We don’t mind if you BYOB. Also,  Carole’s sells vodka, rum, wine..etc by the bottle, but no open container sales.

SALSA CONTEST: Third annual Salsa Contest, Saturday at 4:30 pm at the Food Tent. Ten pesos donation for tasting. Dig through your recipes for your best salsa. Make up a batch about 16 oz. Contact s/v “Oriana” or “Vana J” for more information.


  • “Drilling Shells for Jewelry” demonstration by Mary on s/v Air Ops. Friday 10am.
  • “Fishing  on Cruising Vessels”- Dan on s/v Dazzler. Friday 11am.

50/50 RAFFLE: A raffle will be held each night at 6:30pm. Tickets are $10 pesos each. Proceeds will help HPYC pay for Loreto Fest expenses. You must be present at the drawing to win.  

SWAP MEET: Saturday 9am location: bordering the street from the Marina Fonatur’s guard shack to the Ellipse. Come swap some of the treasures of your bilge, or palapa with outside vendors selling, food, trinkets and handcrafts. Coffee and breakfast items will be available.

MEMBERSHIP, T-shirts, hats and burgees: Membership is $100 pesos a year /per person. Since we are not doing the pancake breakfast, or the spaghetti dinner, we are passing  the savings on to you. Membership will be the HPYC’s only income since Lorteo Fest is totally outsourced.  Membership will pay for the small cost of putting on Loreto Fest and storing our DVD and book library. Previous years merchandise will be sold at reduced prices. See Connie at the Membership tent for more information.

FREE TO CURRENT MEMBERS: Complementary coffee each morning for all current members. Just show us your membership card. The first drink is on us! A complementary ticket each day, good for the beverage of your choice (beer, tea, soda or water at Carole’s Mini Mart. Sorry NO wine, or mixed drinks) for each current member. Pick up your tickets at the Membership booth.

TRIPUI RESTAURANT BREAKFAST: Friday, Saturday and Sunday 8:30 am to 12pm limited breakfast menu (choice of egg rancheros, pancakes, chilaquiles, nopales, and juice, or small fruit plate). $94.92 pesos. Free shuttle from the marina.

SUNDAY BREAKFAST: IBO (second floor restaurant of Fonatur building) is serving breakfast on Sunday May 3, 2015.  See menu. Need any additional information? Please check back here often, we will provide information up to-the-date of the festival.


  • Carol’s Mini Mart is $ 10 pesos an hour per device.
  • Marina Fonatur in the upstairs office is FREE
  • Cell service/ Banda Ancha and 3G is available in the main harbor near the “Windows” (a direct line to Loreto).
  • Hotel Tripui Resort. Free WiFi at the restaurant.

Marinas/Moorings/Anchorage and Slips:

  • Marina Fonatur  Rates, slips, moorings and PEMEX fuel dock. Contact Marina Fonatur for reservations. Raquel Murillo, email: or tel: 613 13 30189 /30985 ext 3881
    • Mooring is $4.50 pesos/per foot/per day,  $28 pesos/per foot/per week, and $89 pesos/per foot/per month. 3-6 months $76 and more than 6 months $69 pesos/per foot. Services included are free parking, showers, trash and internet.
    • Haul in and out is $113 pesos per foot.
    • Services for cruisers staying outside the main harbor for Loreto Fest: free parking, free internet, trash $10 pesos a bag, showers $10 pesos per person and dinghy dock is $10 pesos per person a day. Pay on the second floor of the Fonatur office building.
  • API BCS (Ellipse and Waiting Room) Anchoring System
  • Slips-Marina Puerto Escondido (behind the boatyard). 25 slips. Half 40 feet and the other half 33 feet. One large, but currently that one is occupied. Overhang up to 4 feet, at the back of the slip, is OK. Contact Javier email: for more information. A great hidey hole for hurricane season!
  • DINGHY DOCK. Marina Fonatur charges $10 pesos/per person/day and Marina Puert0 Escondido (the small marina behind Fonatur’s dry dock storage) will allow dinghy docking for $20 pesos a day.

RV Camping:

  • Marina Fonatur Parking Lot- For fully contained RVs. No hookups. $65 pesos a night (includes showers, and trash) Contact Marina Fonatur for reservations. Raquel Murillo, email: or tel: 613 13 30189 /30985 ext 3881
  • Tripui RV Park- 2 kilometers from the port. NEW Full service hookups. Contact information to follow.


  • City taxis will be parked out front of Marina Fonatur parking lot.
  • Fox Car Rentals: Call Rodolfo at 613 104 3537 or email:
  • Europcar: Call 613 105 6217 (cell), or  613 135 2260


  • Carole’s Mini Mart-Marina Fonatur, first floor.
  • Loreto Fest Swap Meet and Farmer’s Market-Saturday May 2nd. Fresh veggies and seafood.
  • Luigi Super Mini Mart- 5 miles south of the port on Hwy 1.
  • Loreto-26 kilometers north of the port. Full service stores and markets. Leys, Pescadore, Juarez Market and Bartillios.



  • Loreto Bay-several restaurants. $$$ to $$$$
  • Loreto-many restaurants $$-$$$$.

Water Taxis:

  • Call for your water taxi, Captain Martin, on channel 22. A panga will come out and get you. Cost $10 pesos ONE WAY in the main harbor and Ellipse, $20 pesos for the Waiting Room, plus tip. Hours of operation are 8:30am to 7pm on Friday and Saturday.

Last updated May  2, 2015 at 7pm