Loreto Fest 2014 – Pirates in ParadisePIPlogo

Thanks for a great Loreto Fest!

This year’s Loreto Fest was quite small, but received very positive comments from those departing after the party. Thanks to all who participated. Those who attended and enjoyed the fun, those who donated, those who helped out, entertained and informed us throughout the event and those who worked so hard with the preparations and services to make it the success we enjoyed.

Last year (2013), under the leadership of Commodore George Woodhouse, Loreto Fest raised over 32.000 pesos for charities, providing a student scholarship through AssistED and providing DIF with support for local disabled children to attend residential therapy sessions in LaPaz. The club also invested more than 60,000 pesos in the dinghy dock with an aluminum ramp for easy access . These funds, and the costs of renting space and storage for HPYC came from last year’s Loreto Fest proceeds and from membership dues.

Cropped dinghy dock 2The club’s new dinghy docks and access ramp

This year Loreto Fest raised over 40,000 pesos for charities and made a small profit from Loreto Fest, despite low attendance. That means we recouped our investment to provide funds for Loreto Fest 2015 and additionally, we signed up enough members to pay for club operations for the next year. Thank-you all, once again, for your support.

The funds for charities will be distributed after HPYC has solicited requests from local organizations within the Loreto area. A general meeting of the club members will then review the letters and determine how they wish to distribute the proceeds.

A happy crowd enjoying the festivities
LoretoFest crowd Small

Ready to dance the night away
LoretoFest dancers Small

Chili Cook Off Winners

1st    #4 – “Gas Tronomical Utopia         Paulette (Loreto)
2nd    #6 – “Carmelita Chili”              Dave “Free Spirti”
3rd    #5 – “Road Kill Chili”            Rocky & Dean (Tripui)
People’s Choice
1st    #4 – Gas Tronomical

Salsa Contest

1st    None judged
People’s Choice
1st    Bowl #4 – Davanna (Tripui)

Spam Art Winner
L. F. 2014 Spam Contest Winners Small

1st    Road Kill            ”Tortuga” – Marilyn
2nd    Devilish Spam            ”Puffin” – Alice
People Choice
1st    Road Kill            ”Tortuga” – Marilyn
2nd    Devilish Spam            ”Puffin” – Alice

Spam Food

1st    Potato Salad            ”Tortuga” – Marilyn
2nd    Spaminkin Jerk        ”Bella Brisa” – Rich
People Choice
1st    Potato Salad            ”Tortuga” – Marilyn
2nd                    ”Puffin” – Alice

Baja Cansata

L.F. 2014 Baja Canista Winners Small
1st    Patsy – Joanne
2nd    Freddie – Jean            ”Whisper” – “Pacifico” – (P.E. – Tripui)
3rd    Paulette – Pat            Townies – (Loreto)
1st    Joanne                Talion -  (La Paz)
2nd    Paulette            Townies – (Loreto)
3rd    Jutta                Townies – (Loreto)

Dinghy Race — A Blind Fold Race

L. F. 2014 Dinghy Races SmallL.F. 2014 Dinghy Race Winners Small    1st            Baja Dog         26.46
2nd            ”Ceilidh”        56.3
3rd            ”Island Time”        3 minutes – 43 sec.
Hon. Mention        ”Aquaholic”        3 minutes – 59 sec.

Over the Line

L.F. 2014 Over the Line Winners Small
1st    Jay        ”Ceildh” Jay – “Cheerios” Peter -  “Far Country”  Gordon        2nd    Nads        ”Tortuga” Rick -  “Pacific ” Steve -  “Saychelle” John
3rd            ”Jake” Jake – “Bella Brisa” Rich – “Cloud Nine” Dutch


L.F. 2014 Horeshoe Winners Small

Bocce Ball

1st    Jay – Peter        ”Ceildh” – “Cheerio”s
2nd    Martin – John        ”TCM” – “Seychelles”
3rd    Joanne – Rob        ”Tallion”

Bay Clean Up

L.F. 2014 Bay Clean Up Small
1st    Nikki            ”Seychelle”
2nd    Ginny            Curlew
Most items Got
1st    Ed            ”Pacifico”
Most Unusual
1st    Jim            ”Oasis”
2nd    Kirk            ”Camelot”

50/50 Raffle

Friday            ”Talon”
Saturday        n/a

Catholic School Gift Certificate for a group horseriding trip

L.F. 2014 C. school - Live Auct SmallParticipants bid to nominate the recipient of the donated certificate.

Green T-shirt award – Jay “Ceildh”

L.F. 2014 G-T Award Jay - Ceilidh Small